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Giving feedback to students on Google Classroom and Zoom

Updated: Jun 11

‪How do we give feedback to help students grow if they are learning from home?

Here’s how:

One of my proudest moments these last few weeks during the COVID-19 pandemic is being able to see my students continually grow. They have been able to use the feedback I’ve given to improve their work from home.

How can students and teachers continue to guide student growth while social distancing measures are in place?

High quality feedback has always had one of the largest impacts on student success.

At a time when we no longer meet our students in person, it will be the teachers who are able to continue to give excellent feedback through online forums that most accelerate student growth.

The good thing is, giving online feedback to students is easy once you know how to do it. I have continually given online feedback to students prior to COVID-19 as part of my general teaching practice.

Here is the first video I have ever posted online. I decided to post it now because I believe it is more important than ever for teachers to work together and share their knowledge. Both for our students and for each other. I will continue to post more videos on how we can continually engage students in their learning throughout COVID-19.

You can find me @mswinnytang on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

We are all in this together. We all need to share our knowledge and experience. Please comment on the video and below how you have continued to provide feedback to your students during COVID-19.

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