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How to use Google Classroom AND make it fun for students

Updated: Jun 11

Here are some exciting ways to engage your students, set expectations and check in with their wellbeing.

The following video provides solutions to the biggest problems associated with online learning. These problems were discovered by our school through a parent survey. You can keep your parents happy, reassured and confident of their child's success by using the information in the video. This information builds on the other videos on my channel so far.

PROBLEMS: - Students can be easily distracted working from home. - Social isolation can affect students' mental health. - Google Classroom can be hard to navigate for students and parents.

MY VISION FOR ALL SCHOOL COMMUNITIES: - Happy, healthy students and families. - Maintain a high standard of academic excellence even when students are at home. - Students, parents and teachers have a shared understanding of student goals and how they can be achieved.

As teachers, how can we achieve this? - Provide opportunities for collaborative learning and fun social interactions. - Set clear expectations for online behaviour and independent learning to ensure a positive online environment. - Display content, tasks and assignments in an intuitive and clear manner.

I hope this video provides you with information that makes you confident and reassured that you can be just as successful online as you are in the classroom. I understand that remote learning is something new and can be daunting. We as teachers are adaptable and flexible to change. I have confidence that you can continue to be a great teacher no matter what the environment is!!!!!

I really appreciate the support and feedback on all the videos I have posted so far. One of my biggest worries about posting videos was that I would receive a lot of criticism. I have been completely blown away by the positivity from the teaching community.

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