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Persuasive Writing Resources for Teachers

Updated: Jun 11

Help your students become talented persuasive writers!! For ages 6 to 12. Years 1-6.

Persuasion is the Ultimate Skill for Creating Change - J.D. Meier

Persuasion is the ability to influence.

Having a great idea doesn’t mean people will act on it. To make your goals a reality, you must have the skills to allow others to share in your vision or appreciate the value you bring to the world.

Your students will be able to independently capture the audience's attention with their persuasive ideas and strong arguments.

This comprehensive 188-page Persuasive Writing Unit is all you need to teach your students the essential skills of persuasive writing! It includes a program, assessments, PowerPoints, a rubric and report comments to help guide and assess your students' writing. Perfect for busy teachers, this resource is designed to save you time and provide your students with the skills they need to become confident persuasive writers. Make learning persuasive writing engaging and fun for your students with this ready-to-teach unit.


  • Comprehensive Persuasive Writing Program

  • PRE/POST TEST Persuasive Writing Assessment Even/Odd Year

  • Persuasive Writing REPORT COMMENT Bank

  • Persuasive Writing PowerPoints (Learning Intention, Success Criteria and What A Good One Looks Like)

  • Persuasive Writing Criteria and Rubric

This Essential Year 3 and 4 Persuasive Writing Bundle is the perfect resource for teachers to help their students become talented persuasive writers. The ready-to-teach program includes EDITABLE lesson plans and PowerPoint slides include videos for kids, Learning Intentions and Success Criteria, What a good persuasive text looks like and differentiated examples ready to go!

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Ready to Use Resources

Designed to provide your students with the skills they need to become confident speakers and writers. Make learning engaging and fun for your students with these ready-to-teach units.

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