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Year 1 and 2 Speaking and Listening Program Term 3

Updated: Jun 11

Term 3 Speaking and Listening Program with links to Learning Goals, Assessment, Australian Curriculum, NSW Outcomes, Victorian Curriculum and National Literacy Learning Progression.

Providing students an opportunity to speak in front of an audience helps them practise communicating in a clear and concise way. Here is a FUN Speaking & Listening program so your students can become confident speakers!

FREE Resource Here:

FREE Year 1 and 2 Speaking and Listening Program Term 3
Download PDF • 4.05MB

This Whole Year Speaking and Listening Bundle is the perfect ready-to-teach resource for your classroom. It provides students with an opportunity to practice speaking and listening skills over a whole year, with Term 1 to 4 programs, PowerPoint slides, Assessment and Report Comments included.

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