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Join me in making our wellbeing a priority

After a long day of looking after students and/or our own children, making over 1000 decisions and being on the go, we are exhausted. Sometimes (or often) we put others first. It is time to prioritise ourselves. 

We play a crucial role in our students future. Our wellbeing is essential to our student’s learning and wellbeing.

As a teacher and Assistant Principal, I have tried different strategies and implemented different systems over the years to support my wellbeing. I will be sharing my favourites here on this page. 

The wellbeing of teachers is a shared responsibility. If you have any strategies or resources which have supported your wellbeing, please share and pay it forward to other educators. 

Let’s commit to prioritising our health and wellbeing.


Teacher Wellbeing Matters. 

💖Ms Winny Tang

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Teacher Wellbeing Matters Shirts


These Teacher Wellbeing Matters T-Shirts are the perfect gift for yourself or a fellow teacher! Teachers work hard and deserve recognition for their efforts. Featuring beautiful designs with vibrant colours, these shirts are a great reminder to prioritise health and self-care. This soft unisex t-shirt is made from 100% cotton, making it comfortable and breathable. Whether you’re treating yourself or a fellow teacher, this t-shirt is sure to spread smiles and be appreciated and loved.

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