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Kids have the power to make a positive impact. 

The Pollution Monster Book Series is about the power of voice/action and the importance of taking care of our planet. After 5 years of weekly writing sessions, my friend Rosemary and I have finished editing our first children's novel: Amber and the Pesky Plastic Problem.

11-year-old Amber must defeat the Plastic Pollution Monster in order to save her town from destruction. What she finds is a monster that is not what he seems and a villain who is closer to home than she suspects. Amber must look within herself and find her own magic in order to unite the people and animals of Bubbleville if she’s going to save them from their fate. Fans of Princess Olivia Investigates the Sea of Plastic will enjoy this middle grade environmental contemporary fantasy for ages 7 to 12 at thirty three thousand words. 

I was inspired to write this book to develop and grow students sense of caring, respect, appreciation and compassion for the world around us so they can make informed decisions and consider long term impact.

Amber and Jenny - Edited_edited.png


  1. Pitch and publish Amber's Pesky Plastic Problem. 

  2. Develop a comprehensive and integrated literacy program aligned to the Australian Curriculum, new NSW syllabus and Victorian Curriculum. (If you are outside of Australia and would like this program, please let me know so I can align it to your curriculum outcomes!) 

  3. Book tour with an author talk and/or writing workshops. (Please let me know you would be interested in adding your school to future book tour/writing workshops.)

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3. Are you interested a future author talk and/or writing workshop for your students?

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