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Welcome to my Travel Blog!

My name is Winny. I love my job as a teacher and Assistant Principal and I also love going on adventures!!

To celebrate teaching for over 7 years, I will be travelling overseas for almost two months 😲 which is why I will be documenting my adventures in this blog! I have always wanted to travel more and this is the year!

My goal with my Travel Blog is to:

  • Share my adventures with you

  • Share resources that I’ve created and used





इस भाषा में अभी तक कोई पोस्ट प्रकाशित नहीं हुई
पोस्ट प्रकाशित होने के बाद, आप उन्हें यहाँ देख सकेंगे।

Travel Resources

Get ready for your next adventure! ☀️🌴💖🌏🧳✈️

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इस बीच, खरीदारी जारी रखने के लिए आप कोई दूसरी श्रेणी चुन सकते हैं।